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We would like to evaluate your IT infrastructure (free of charge) to see how we can benefit and support your business.

You will be under no obligation to engage with us further should you not wish to proceed with us.

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Fully Managed IT Support

Regardless of your size, we take care of your entire IT infrastructure and manage all IT processes.

We evolve your existing infrastructure with the newest technology that best aids your business’ operations. We also assist staff in understanding new technologies, thus ensuring best IT practises.

Our presence has in one way or another elevated every single client we have from a technology standpoint, and we aim to automate as much as possible while keeping you in the driver’s seat.

Automation; Proactiveness; Key skills and Dedication is what makes us DASHBLACK

Ad-Hoc Technical Support

There are times when your current IT requirements are of such a nature that a full-time presence from us is not required.

It may be that your operations are very small, or for larger businesses; when a specialized skill is required for a short period of time.

In these times, we assist and often work alongside your current IT team where relevant until the matter at hand has been solved.

From a financial standpoint, it depends on the number of hours spent which might merit discussions for a full-time SLA to be put into place to make matters more cost effective.

Server Management

Our engineers are on top form when it comes to managing your server environment, whether it be a simple stand-alone server, an Active Directory Domain Controller, or a server array with SAN storage, we can handle it.

This is the backbone of any business and we believe that by streamlining this as much as possible, the whole company follows suit and as such the return on investment starts to pay off.

We believe in automation, and this is the first place we look to see what can be done better- our track record is very good 😉

Excellent end-user Support

With your staff fully supported and your systems fully operational, how can you lose productivity? 

Our engineers work round the clock to ensure your systems are healthy and our support team are rated 5 stars for effective technical support.

We do IT and we do it exceedingly well!


Real-time Monitoring

We have each engineer equipped with a mobile app that is constantly monitoring your environment to ensure the health of your systems. As soon as an anomaly is detected, all our phones buzz and we jump into action- long before you even know about a potential problem.

Excellent Server Support

With our technical team as well as out leading class technologies, monitoring and supporting your infrastructure has never been easier. We make use of a variety of tools fit for the job and it has been customised with our IP to ensure the most effective and up-to-date software and patches for your business.

Our Solutions Work

But it’s not that simple… It takes dedicated and trained staff, excellent tools and long hours, not to mention extreme dedication.

We treat our staff as family and encourage family time as far as possible. When they do arrive at the office, we have a wonderful environment possible for them with the best coffee just for them.

Making your environment work starts here every morning at 07:00 with a pot of coffee.

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