Full Service Business IT Solutions

We beieve in your operational effectiveness and strive to maintain your uptime.

With our 5-Star rating, you can’t go wrong!

Our Services

We offer many services, but they can all be broken down to these three categories:

Fully Managed IT Support

Regardless of your size, we take care of your entire IT infrastructure and manage all IT processes. We evolve your existing infrastructre with the newest technology that best aids your business’ operations. We also assist staff in understanding new technologies, thus ensuring best IT practises.


This has earned us our 5-star rating. We have tools that assist us in predicting failures and has aided us in mainting operational uptime by means of mitigating certain disarterous events before they occur. We are also on top of all the latest technologies as they are being developed which ensures we stay ahead of the pack.

3rd Parties

It is our mission to make your life easier and one of the ways in which we do that is by acting as the go-between between you and your 3rd party service providers such as your ISP or Pastel etc. You simply need to talk to us and we will handle the rest. If we cannot solve the problem, we will log it with the relevant service provider and keep on it until it’s resolution.

Excellent end-user Support

Aside from your servers and infrastructure, your end-users are the back bones of your company. We achieve maximum efficacy when supporting your staff so that they can keep the wheels turning.

Real-time Monitoring

We have each engineer equipped with a mobile app that is constantly monitoring your environment to ensure the health of your systems. As soon as an anomaly is detected, all our phones buzz and we jump into action- long before you even know about a potential problem.

We Support All Devices

You own a phone, a laptop, a tablet etc. It is our duty to facilitate the use of these devices to ensure you stay connected to your company even when abroad.

Your devices can be transformed into tools to manage your business and they should.

Any platform or device is welcome

Our Solutions Work

But it’s not that simple… It takes dedicated and trained staff, excellent tools and long hours, not to mention extreme dedication.

We treat our staff as family and encourage family time as far as possible. When they do arrive at the office, we have a wonderful environment possible for them with the best coffee just for them.

Making your environment work starts here every morning at 07:00 with a pot of coffee.

Let’s Work Together

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