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Our Services

We offer the best IT Tech Support for 5 years in a row as voted for by our client base. Below are the two ways in which we work.


Our retainer option covers you month-to-month as well as in any emergency. You have our full Priority 1 support and we assist you in developing your business to a technological standard, giving you a competitive edge.


We do offer an Ad-Hoc solution where we only assist you when you require. This option suits smaller businesses, but standard support and emergencies are billed on a per-hour basis. This can quickly escalate to a high amount.

The fastest and most accurate Support

Our SLA states that within 45 minutes, your matter will be looked at. To date, 97% of all matters (excluding disaster) have been RESOLVED within this time.

We pride ourselves with excellent knowledge, speed and teamwork


Live Monitoring

We have systems in place that monitors your environment constantly with notifications to our engineers team. If anything requires attention, we are on it immediately.

This saves from potential disaster in many cases and increases your operational uptime.


We Make Your Company Futureproof

With the technologies we invest in and implement at client sites, it is easy to stay on track with technology.

Your business needs consists of top notch support in your every day operations to ensure the wheels keep turning. In the event of disaster, you need all hands on deck to get you going again.


Partner with the right IT Support company. Partner with US!  


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