3rd Party Application Support

What it is

3rd Party applications can be defined as specific applications used for a particular need. Pastel and QuickBooks are examples of these applications, but in some cases, these applications can be more uncommon and may be limited to extremely rare usage. We have come across cases where an application could even have been written specifically for a client, and thus no prior interaction would have been possible with the software, such as software specifically written for the logistics industries.

How we do it

We can only support what we understand. It is therefore important that we understand as much as possible of the application or software. In some cases, we send our engineers on training courses to better position ourselves as your support specialists.

How this benefits you

Once we understand the workings of the 3rd party application on a user level, we are better equipped to assisting your staff with faster turn-around times.

Once we understand it on a technical or developmental level, your support queries can in some cases be minimized since we will have the ability to better integrate your software with your hardware.

Active Directory Domain Controller Management

What it is

An Active Directory Domain Controller is used for centralized management of computers within a company. It is typically used company-wide regardless of physical locations of branches.

Centralized control enables more effective management of client computers.

How we do it

Our take on the Active Directory management is in line with all standard practices. We ensure the correct and consistent usage of Group Policies and adhere to Microsoft’s best practices.

How this benefits you

When an Active Directory Domain Controller is correctly configured and managed, your risk of data breaches is significantly reduced. Your users will be forced to perform a password reset once a month as an example which leads to a more secure environment.

In addition to security, your environment will run smoother with regular updates managed from the WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) component within the Domain Controller.

The benefits are endless. The correct management of a Domain Controller makes all the difference.

Antivirus Implementation and Management

What it is

A virus is a malicious application with the intent to damage your PC. In some cases, they steal your personal information and transmit them to the source of their creation. They can do almost anything imaginable.

A virus infection spreads like wildfire and can bring a company to its knees. Having a good antivirus limits the threat of infection. We have had several encounters with a variety of viruses and prevention is certainly better than cure.

How we do it

We benchmark the top 20 Antivirus applications each year and select the best based on strict criteria. We ensure optimal performance from the software by running extensive tests to ensure it performs in a production environment without consuming all your system resources.

How this benefits you

You benefit from lab-tested software that can stand against most threats. In addition, with us managing the software, you have the added peace of mind, knowing the app is configured correctly and always up to date.

We typically buy these licenses in bulk for distribution to our entire client base. As a result, we gain discounts which are passed on to you.

Cloud Data Backup

What it is

Having a safe copy of your data in the cloud is one way to combat a variety of different threats. It eliminates manual (user-driven) backups and thus eliminates human error.

You should have a backup of your data at all times to combat theft, damaged hardware or virus infection.

How we do it

We use our own redundant storage for cloud backups. Each backup is carefully monitored and reported on.

We also work hand-in-hand with your individual teams to help them understand the importance of special applications such as Pastel backups and how to back it up on your side. We also learn from other providers the key locations required to be backed up in the event of a disaster.

How this benefits you

Your peace of mind for a fully managed backup solution comes as part of the package.

Our automated and then human-verified backups ensure your data is safe at all times.

Since we use our own hardware, the costs are significantly lower since we have fewer overheads.

Data Recovery

What it is

Data recovery is typically when a computer hard disk has failed, or a file has been corrupted. It also happens that a partition has been formatted by accident and the data on that partition is required to be recovered,

In some cases, a PC will lose the ability to read certain sectors of the hard disk thus rendering the data useless or irretrievable.

Data recovery becomes the only option when a backup plan is not in place and critical data is lost.

How we do it

Data recovery requires three things: special tools; special software and special skills. We have all those in check.

Our hardware and software combined with our knowledge of the topic ensure great success when we encounter a data recovery obstacle.

How this benefits you

We can perform up to a certain level of recovery, thereafter we submit the disk or file to forensic specialists.

If we fail to recover your data, we simply do not bill you for it. You have nothing to lose and you are in control of the situation all the way.

Domain Registration

What it is

This is when you reserve a name on the web, for example, www.mycompany.co.za.

The “.co.za” at the end is called your TLD, or Top Level Domain. This can change to .com or a variety of different TLDs.

When you are hosting a website, or wish to have an email address of your own, this is the route you will need to take and this is the starting point.

How we do it

We leverage different registrars to find the best prices on domain registrations. As such, we ensure cost-effectiveness and maintain the title of the best domain registration adviser.

We also work hand-in-hand with you to help you pick the best domain name for your business.

How this benefits you

Having us assist you with this requires far less technical know-how on the topic on your side. In addition, this ensures effective management of your domain name.

Firewall Implementation and Management

What it is

A firewall can either be a specially designed PC or a hardware device. These are referred to as software- or hardware firewalls.

Its purpose is predominantly to block malicious intruders from coming into your network but can be used for so much more, such as packet filtering, website blocking, VPN configurations, port forwarding and so much more.

Having a managed firewall speaks to its updates and maintenance. It is a key requirement of any modern business.

How we do it

We can either manage your existing firewall or implement our own. We make use of both software- and hardware based firewalls based on the requirements of the client.

Our firewalls are actively managed and patched with the latest updates to ensure they have the latest firmware and software.

in some cases, we actively monitor client firewalls to ensure their operational effectiveness.

Our firewalls also have unique reporting abilities which are very helpful to your management of what is going on inside your organization.

How this benefits you

You will be in the driving seat of your company’s network and for the first time actually see what your users are doing. This can be used as metrics to determine where your bandwidth is going or might produce insights as to where employee time is being spent.

The network of your company is the highway into your business. We block threats based on global threat lists provided by Microsoft and Google ensuring the optimal security for your digital business.

Hosted PABX

What it is

A hosted PABX is a telephone switchboard on the cloud.

There is no longer a need to have heavy and expensive equipment on premise. The capital outlay is nullified for this service.

How we do it

Our partner in hosted PABX ensures global control of your environment. This means that you can control your entire PABX from anywhere in the world.

There is no longer anything on site to maintain, meaning your management fees are severely reduced and we can even divert a landline number to your mobile wherever you may be in the world.

How this benefits you

Your costs are drastically reduced and you have more control over your company’s telephone lines.

Imagine being on leave and remembering you forgot to switch your land-line to divert, or night mode: Now you can simply log a call with us and it is taken care of, or you can log in to your system from your phone and manage it yourself.

This service revolutionizes the way businesses work.

Hosting – Mail & Web

What it is

Having a website or email requires some space in the cloud where the data lives.

A website is a physical combination of files living on a server somewhere in the world. The same goes for email. Your emails are delivered to a server before it is delivered to your PC.

This is what hosting means. A server hosts your data for you.

How we do it

We have a few different hosting providers we make use of. We ensure the best price and support from them by leveraging them against each other.

Our hosting packages are quite often better managed and better priced than the typical hosting company since we have a bulk agreement with them.

How this benefits you

Your benefit lies within the fact that you will get the best-managed platform at the best price.

We have done all the homework, leaving you to simply make the choice of switching to us.

Infrastructure Management

What it is

Infrastructure refers to the servers in your company. How they are maintained, patched and updated.

It also speaks to the physical aspects of your servers and their components. How well they are looked after and replaced if needed.

How we do it

Our expertise with infrastructure combined with cutting-edge monitoring and management tools places us in a comfortable position to manage just about any environment.

A dedicated and experienced outlook with the correct tools enables us to manage and report on any environment exceedingly effectively.

How this benefits you

You will know that your environment is in competent hands. with the best tools.

Even though our tools are fully automated, we still log on and assess the state of your infrastructure on schedule ensuring your complete peace of mind.

Since we employ the services of Artificial Intelligence in our tools, the financial outlay is cheaper than having an engineer constantly on your system, resulting in a far cheaper solution than the currently known in South Africa.

We also produce reports to your management for quick analysis of affairs of your environment.

Internet Connectivity

What it is

Internet connectivity is the connection you have to the internet by means of fiber; ADSL; LTE (3G) or satellite.

How we do it

Although we are not an ISP, we broker deals with ISPs around South Africa to ensure you have the best service for your location at the best possible price.

Our partner in this realm has been doing this for many years and has saved our clients’ significant amounts of money as well as increased their internet bandwidth.

How this benefits you

You will no longer need to contact various service providers and leverage the best deal. We do that for you, and what’s more is that it will be far cheaper than if you did it yourself since we are a much bigger player in this market than any individual.

Your pocket will love you and your users will thank you.

Microsoft Office 365 Implementation and Management

What it is

Microsoft Office 365 is an enormous service comprising of the office package which is installed on your devices as software, and their cloud applications.

the most common components are hosted exchange email and SharePoint (see next point for SharePoint detail).

How we do it

We manage existing Office 365 clients as well as implement new Office 365 clients.

We have rolled out hundreds of clients with this and have acquired a unique skill set to a fluid migration from your existing provider to Office 365 hosted email.

Some of our clients were on simple POP and IMAP solutions, and other on Google Mail packages. Once we explained the benefits and cost saving of Office 365, it became a no-brainer and their migration was scheduled.

We also provide a large discount for this service for existing SLA clients.

How this benefits you

Microsoft Office 365 means mobility to you and your teams.

It enables shared mailboxes, calendars, and mail on any mobile device, which is constantly kept in sync with your PC.

The most obvious benefit is that you get Office installed on your PC as part of this service, moving this from CapEx to OpEx.

Ask us if you qualify for a discount!

Microsoft SharePoint Implementation and Management

What it is

This is part of the Office 365 package.

SharePoint offers true file and data sharing between you and your staff. It allows for multiple persons working on the same document at the same time and more than that, it is secure and audit friendly.

How we do it

Our SharePoint knowledge grew rapidly in the last two years since the demand for this implementation grew. This enables us to spend less time on it, resulting in a better-priced solution for you.

We have several methods of setting it up, but the base logic is to be secure about sensitive data i.e. finances and HR documentation.

How this benefits you

Using SharePoint will catapult your business miles ahead. It is really that simple.

Using Dashblack to implement your SharePoint will ensure a fluid transition and staff-readiness since we develop it with you in mind.

Our pricing is likely the cheapest in the market. Not because we are cheap, but because we are very efficient in doing this.

Network Installations

What it is

A network can be defined as the veins that run between your computers and servers. A typical network makes use of Cat5e-; Cat6 cable and Wi-Fi.

In some cases where distances exceed 100M, we use fiber to ensure quality signal to the other side.

How we do it

Having a properly installed network is essential to daily operations, however, a well-installed network should comply with clear labeling and be subjected to regular maintenance.

This is how we do it. We work on schematic area maps of your building and mark each cable in your business. In addition, each cable is labeled and each Wi-Fi point marked.

The intention is to have a solution that can stand for years and be understandable to any future engineer that arrives on site.

How this benefits you

You should have less network-related downtime as a result of clearly marked cables and a fully managed network. Once anything goes down, we will know about it and can take effective action.

Remote Support

What it is

Remote assistance places us virtually in front of your screen even if we are physically separated by a large distance.

How we do it

We use a few different tools which enable us to perform remote support. TeamViewer and Pulseway to name but two.

There are many tools available on the market, but the paid tools remain most reliable and effective.

How this benefits you

Support is the one thing that cannot wait. When you have a crisis, it needs to be looked at right away.

Our remote support software and engineers who use it to connect to you are well worth their salt and should resolve your technical support matter in no time. This means less downtime for you and your business.

Sales of Hardware and Software

What it is

We source and resell all hardware and software you may need.

How we do it

We deal directly with large distributors and importers, thereby enabling us to leverage a better price for you, the consumer.

Our procurement team is on the ball when it comes to sourcing, quoting and delivering of items. We do most of our procurement for standing SLA clients but have no objection to supply the man on the street and business without an SLA agreement.

How this benefits you

Your benefit lies first and foremost within the money saved. It is unlikely that you will find equipment cheaper than we sell.

Then, you don’t have to spend hours sourcing something when we do it for you. This literally saves you time and money.


Special Software Sourcing

What it is

Special software is something unique and out of the ordinary, such as DimX for the Quantity Surveyors or Intelligence for the Recruitment Agencies.

It is something not commonly used, and typically not well known.

How we do it

Our wide range of clients has exposed us to a variety of uniquely written software and tools for use by many industries. This helps us find a solution to your problem faster.

The typical practice is that we will engage with you and gain a deep understanding of what it is you are after. What you require the software to do and what you hope to achieve.

We then source suppliers or developers and set up meetings between you and them while we attend to assist you in asking and answering the more technical questions.

How this benefits you

It saves you from having to google and filter through hundreds of companies, and since we have been doing this a while, we might recommend a software package based on experience.

We also look at value for money to ensure you get what you pay for. This is a true time saver and it typically strengthens the bond between your company and Dashblack.

This service is for SLA clients only.

Technical Support – On-site | Remote | Ad-Hoc | Retainer

What it is

Technical support covers basically everything within your business that is Technology-related.

In some cases, clients wish for us to only look at their servers, and in other cases, they require us to look at everything, including the projector in their boardroom.

No business can function without tech support.

How we do it

Anyone these days can perform a basic level of tech support. The key is preventative- and regular maintenance.

We monitor and manage a large group of clients. This would be impossible to do as effectively as we do without the help of our AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools which provide us with real-time analytics and reports.

We are able to detect a problem in most cases before our clients’ are even aware of a pending crash.

Our arsenal also caters for loan equipment which we hand out for our clients to use while we remedy the existing matter, thus ensuring their business can continue and does not come to a halt.

Rapid deployment of operating systems (Microsoft Windows7 and up) are effortlessly deployed in minutes with our imaging technology, and with our backup plan (should you have this in place) your data is restored to its original state.

Our Tech Support engineers are quite simply: Brilliant and this is doubtlessly the flagship of Dashblack.

How this benefits you

With service levels being what they are in South Africa, it can be said that if you only do what is required, you will stand out. This is not the Dashblack way. We aim to shine and go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure complete client satisfaction.

You will be impressed by our amazing service levels and fast turn-around times. Guaranteed!

VPN Implementation and Management

What it is

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a protocol used to connect into your work or business from anywhere in the world.

This allows you to connect into your server(s) remotely and carry on working on local documents while you are away from the office.

This solution offers true mobility.

How we do it

We use a variety of different methods which all save you money.

If you have certain hardware or software already in place, we configure those for you and set it up to all your staff who might be needing a VPN connection.

If you don’t have the prerequisite devices or software, we use an application developed by the University of Japan to set this up for you.

How this benefits you

The benefits are that you will have the ability to carry on working as if you are in your own office, even when you are globe trotting.

In addition, this is absolutely free to our SLA clients. To non-SLA clients, we only bill for time spent setting it up, which is typically rather quick.

This solution will save you money from day One.

Web Design

What it is

This is the designing of your website on the web. After you have registered a domain and purchased hosting (both topics in our list), the next step is to have an expert design your website.

Your website is the digital front door to any web visitor you are likely to have. When someone comes knocking, who should open the door?

It is important to have a decent and modern website that is kept up to date.

How we do it

We have been writing websites since 2005 and started when the only tool we had was notepad. Since then, the market has flooded us with tools including DreamWeaver from Adobe and WordPress.

We use the knowledge of these tools in tandem to create a beautiful website that speaks to what it is you do and to be a true representation of your business in the digital era.

How this benefits you

Expertise cannot be bought. We have spent nearly two decades perfecting our skills and the culmination of it is what we are able to produce today.

You will have peace of mind that your website is taken care of by people who understand most industries and the technology that goes into making a website.

We understand the importance of the look and feel of a website as well as the functionality that it ought to deliver.

You can expect excellence from us.

Wi-Fi Management

What it is

Wi-Fi management strictly falls under networking, however, since the diverse methodologies of today, we have decided to create a separate section for it.

Wi-Fi put simply is the ability to connect to your business or home network without the need to connect a network cable into your PC.

How we do it

There are many different technologies available in the market today. Many of them very good, but can get pricey.

We determine your requirements and don’t use a cookie-cutter approach when assessing your needs. Once an assessment is made, we apply the most logical equipment for the job and submit it to you for approval.

For SLA clients, we manage this network and perform regular maintenance on it as well to ensure the constant operational effectiveness of your Wi-Fi network.

How this benefits you

Value for money and excellent coverage, once we are done, is what you can expect from any Wi-Fi management we undertake.

“Excellence Awaits!”

We believe that “good enough” isn’t good enough! We listen to our clients and understand their needs. This guides us to accurately support them to the point where they can be competitive in their respective fields.

As long as we have technology and the future in mind, there is nothing that cannot be done.


Morné Barnard, Dashblack CEO