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Build Your Own Custom Support Team

We research new technologies all the time so that we may implement such at your company. This keeps your company on solid ground when it comes to security and the efficacy of your work. No one uses MS Dos anymore…? Why? Because an IT person advised them of a better way. Let us be that IT person who advises you of a better way of doing things. 



1. Technical Support

Our Engineers are highly skilled at the most current technologies from Desktop software and hardware to Servers and Fiber converters. This gives us the edge to successfully and effectively manage your infrastructure. We always encounter something new, and we make it our business to understand every aspect of it which enables to to support our client base to perform admirably and competitively

2. Wide Range of Reach

Our business has tried to master it all and realized it is better to stick to what we are good at (Technical Support), and have as such outsourced our telephony and Internet connectivity. We make use of several of these contractors to give us the best price to you for their services and we don’t add a markup on their services. We simply negotiate a good deal for you.


We also deal with many hardware and software providers. Playing them up agaist each other ensures you get the best prce for your goods.


In essence: Partnering with us means we become your one-stop-shop. You no longer need to make 5 phone calls when your internet is down. You call us and we will handle it.

3. 3rd Party Software Support

We make it a priority to understand your unique software. This enables us to support you faster should your software act up. We have started with Pastel as a client requirement and have moved on to tools for the mining industry and civil engineers’ tools.

If we come across something new, we learn it first and have you only make one phone call when an application is not working. We take full responsibility of your environment.


4. Server Operations

We look after your server room and the cabling as well. In many cases the cabling needs to be redone. This is what we do and we label everything neatly. We are very proud of this level of work we do.

Your Server will be actively monitored to ensure operational uptime/effectiveness to your business. The software we use has even predicted failures in the past and saved serious downtime as we could react in time to remedy the matter. 


5. Why are we so effective?

Every client has a WhatsApp group whereby your staff mention if something isn’t working right. This is seen by several Engineers as well as the CEO of the company. Pressure is immediately on for the first engineer to respond. Tickets are typically closed within a few minutes as we work via remote wherever possible. This saves on time and before you know it, a ticket is closed.

Where required, we do not hesitate to dispatch an engineer to site. We even have clients with permanent Dashblack Staff on site. It all depends on the Client’s needs


Request A Certain Software To Be Learned?

Speak to us about it and let’s see if we can assist you in supporting it. We are always eager to learn new tools.

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